Saturday, 12 August 2017

Trowel Man

It's seven AM on a Saturday
The regular teams shuffle in
There's Karen standing next to me
Wishing she had a tonic and gin

She says 'hey let's all go to the building site
We've got lots of rendering to go
It's hard and it's bleak, but it must be complete
So get ready to mucky your clothes

Mix mix m m mix mix mix (x2)

Lay us a brick, you're the trowel man
Lay us a brick on site
For we're all going to cherish these memories
So make sure this course is laid right

Now Niall on that wall is a leader of mine
He lays all my bricks for me
And he's quick with a joke or to buy me a coke
Bet he's thankful it costs 18p

He says "Stew, I believe this is killing me"
As the smile ran away from his face
"Well I'm sure that I could be a landscaper
Cause I can't keep up at this pace"

Brick brick br br brick brick brick (x2)


Now Robbie's a chef of the first degree
Cause he likes to play 'round with a knife
And Phill's making gravy with his skills from the Navy
Cause his shoulder has caused him some strife

And Lotti is practising money tricks
While the ringbeam is packed full of stones
And the catering team feel the loneliest
As they peel their potatoes alone



It's irregular teams for a Saturday
But Stewart still gives us a smile
For he knows that it is we, for who else could it be
Who've been toiling away all the while

And the church choir sounds like a carnival
And their melodies bring us great cheer
As they look from afar, with their mouths hung ajar
At wazungus who's classroom stands here

Nail nail hammer hammer OW nail (x2)


Lyrics by Euan Lodge & Jack York
Music by Billy Joel


  1. Sedgefield Show had to carry on without you yesterday, "Hi" from the Comms Team.

    Bruce Worthington 12·08·2017 21:00

    👍"Thumbs up" sent from Caroline Chambers, Gill Parkes, Claudine Galloway, Ian Railton, Anne Parkes,
    ❤"Love" sent from Andrew Marlow,

  2. Another fab blog, hey Harry I see you, 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️ Get your hat on your looking burnt! (But smiling and happy)

    The building is looking great with all the roof sections in, enjoy your last days on site, then off on your next adventure.

    Can't wait to see you, we have all missed you especially Isobel love you xxxx Mam

  3. Hi, another talented blog. When you get back you should all perform these blog songs! Looking good with the roof structure on.
    You'll be packing up camp soon. Bet everyone's excited about your "holiday" coming up. Or will you miss camp life?
    Archie - we are still revamping your room. Won't be finished by the time you get back but you'll have a nice comfy bed. We won't make you camp in the
    garden, unless you want to. Love mum , dad and Davy xx

  4. Another great blog building looks great with roof on nearly there have a great last week you deserve it see you soon it's so quiet

  5. Molly, where are you? No sight nor sound of you. Keeping a low profile, perhaps. Hope the last few days of hard work are OK and then time for fun and relaxation. We're almost home from France (not nearly as exciting). "This much", love Mum Kate

  6. The build is looking amazing,blogg had us laughing again xx yvonne xx

  7. Bob my room is on a wonk so since you've helped to build a school you can build me a house please and thank you 😊 lots of love from Em xxxx

  8. Building looks great and the blogs are amusing. Safari so good? Oh no that's the days to come. Looks as if you have earned a break from building, hope you enjoy seeing lots of big animals. It's sunny today in Newcastle and I'm leaving on holiday, what timing. Looking forward to seeing you when I get back and hearing about the trip.
    Clare (Molly's aunt)

  9. Wow, it looks like a proper building! Well done 😊. Esme we leave LPO tomorrow... Just looking at the early booking form, do you want to go?.....!!! Hugs & kisses x mummy, vik x

  10. G/mar and Aunty kim for oscar - g/mar says she seams to have more money in her purse since you went, but is not sure why?? Aunty Kim says she hopes your having a great time and Henry says woof (very high pitched and tiny woof). Xx

  11. I wanna know just how badly the locals whoop the mzungas asses at football today, my own nightmares came true today doing a bit of retail therapy for the impending year of doom (a levels). I'd bought out the entire rhymans shop of every coloured pen, preceded to gape in JD at just how much a branded adidas top costs and was merrily on my way and decided to pop into our newly converted house of Fraser, firstly I was outraged at the fact they have got rid of paper chase but the dispare wasn't long lived as it was quickly replaced with the unimaginable awkwardness of me pissing about in the underwear section trying to find the most risky pair of underwear to brandish at Zoë who now works there, only to see my grandparents turn the corner just as I picked up the most obscene raunchy pair of pants. I got the worlds most disapproving look and was practically dragged out of the shop by my ear. I will not be living that one down. Love (probably an equally red as to your sun burn) stella x

  12. Looking totally brilliant! Well done all! Esme and Molly you are doing great by the look of the photos. Enjoy your sight seeing! Lots of love, Donna Levin

  13. Hey hey hey. The building looks amazing and looks almost finished... excitinggg and exciting for me because that means I get to see you soon RIGHT?! Missing you, it feels like I haven't seen you in forever! I'm currently sat with a bar of chocolate in front of the tv so I suppose you could say I'm back to my usual lazy life. I did get dressed for a little bit today but that was only to go for a Sunday dinner, obviously. Anyways I'll shut up, enjoy the rest of your trip xxx

  14. Jake Bainbridge, Great to see the roof going on, Almost finished after a lot of hard work, see you next Sunday Jake, love Nannie and Grandad x

  15. Love Billy Joel so enjoyed singing along jill fidan xx

  16. Gosh it's really coming along so well! Love you Jacob bainbridge love mum, barry, connor, joe and sam xx

  17. Wow that blog was amazing. I had Billy Joel singing in the background and your lyrics are incredible - so very well done! I obviously had a favourite (I will lay 500 bricks) and of course it is - but this is absolutely amazing writing! Well done you two. And well done to everyone else with the building. Enjoy your holiday x


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