Thursday, 3 August 2017

Overview of Mto Wa Mbu

Over the last couple of days the camp has been sent into disarray and mass levels of distrust through the means of a simple game - camp murder. This involves each member of camp having a mission to kill off their friends and leaders in many a peculiar way as each person gets a victim to kill, a weapon to do so and a place in which this has to occur, causing friends to turn against each other in the quest to end up victorious.

This has led to some interesting plots to succeed in some of the more difficult missions such as Jack Waite blocking Karen in a long drop with a wheelbarrow to claim one of the most obscure kills so far.

On the slightly more serious side the classroom is almost up to ring beam height on all sides with only one wall needing another two courses to be ready.

Now that we are nearing the level of the ring beam the workload is starting to level off meaning that two teams today were able to take a half day off and venture into Mto Wa Mbu to have a look round the vast array of markets. Team 1 ( my team ) were granted the luxury of the afternoon off and were able to actually appreciate the beaming sun rather than loathing the sight of it whilst working.

Whilst we were there we were swarmed by many looky looky men for being perceived as rich wazungus who would obviously love to buy a 5 foot wooden giraffe carving. We struggled through the sea of sellers and eventually made it to the masai market which was full of handcrafted jewellery and lovely paintings, with a quick stop by the local supermarket to replenish some of the Western cravings that many of the teams have gained we headed back on our way to the dust bowl we call home. On the way back we were swarmed once again but this time by a more friendly group of schoolchildren who were intrigued to know all of our names. They also found great amusement in our mispronounced Swahili and were very interested in what we were building and when it will be finished as they were all on their way to the church just next to build site so have seen it build up from the beginning.

All in all it has been a very productive couple of days and a great insight into the more cultural side of Tanzania.

James Morgan


  1. Excellent blog! Hand up parents who are wondering where their five foot high giraffe will be going? Isn't it odd that no matter where you go in the world, there are lookylooky men homing in on tourists? Just remember your bartering skills kev, like in the life of Brian...'.fifty shekels for that gourd , you must be joking' etc etc

  2. Amazing blog guys. Jakey B, just to let you know Bella, poppy and indie are doing well. Indie is an outside cat again!!!! Connor is playing lots of PlayStation and he's picking up your chores which he's DEAD happy about - not! Not sure if you've had your rest day and seen animals yet, I know you'll love that. I know you'll love that. Hope you're taking lots of pictures. Can't wait to see them. Loving see all these posts. Well done to all of you and glad you're feeling g better. Love mum, barry, con, joe and sam xx

  3. Moe Jorgan.
    Hope your enjoying yourself and working hard. The whole thing looks amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it when your home. Looking forward to the Salted caramel ice cream and inbetweeners when you get back.
    Miss you Morgan, love Grace xx

  4. Another good blog, nice to see a piccy of Dan looking chilled out. Hope you had a good relaxation day and have taken loads and loads of photos. Nearly half way there! Take care and continue to enjoy yourselves

  5. Thought you said you were going to get massive in Africa Bob hahaha. love you and miss you loads, stay safe gorgeous love from Em :)xxxx

  6. As long as our Ellis doesn't get any ideas' about packing a 5foot Giraffe to bring home,we dread to think who is going to have to help him with his sleeping bag to go to Flamingo Lodge,god luv him xxx yvonne xx

  7. Once again a good read keep them coming photos look good

  8. Well done James for finally stepping up to blog, can't wait for you to bring my 5 foot giraffe home!! Hope you're all having the best time, missing you, love Laura xx

  9. The sun must be getting to some of you if you're brave enough to shut Karen in the long-drop. How many of you are carving and whittling giraffes in the evenings?
    Bob - Granny Kathleen's got some decorating jobs for you when you get back.
    Hope everyone enjoyed the lovely messages from yesterday.
    πŸ‘"Thumbs up" sent from Isabel Worthy, Dave Pitcairn, Ian Railton, Suzanne Tuffnell, Jamie Watson, Andy May, Pauline Hyam, Derek Andrews, Andrea Watson, Caroline Suttill, Jo Jones, Keith Steele, Matthew Mitchell, Sue Wood, Paul Dawkins, Dannie Jefferies, Bruce Worthington, Matt Kirby, David Leckonby, Prosanto Deb, David Jinks and Andrea Sotheby.
    ❤"Love" sent from Andrew Marlow and Lauren Dalkin
    πŸ˜†"Ha Ha" from Sam Mitchell

    Love Wx (Bob's Mum)

  10. Fantastic that you can now start to take it easy.I suspect Izzys spending money will be half on chocolate or sweets and that her clothes will be left behind so there is room in the bag for souvenirs. Have you read all your book's yet? More to the point have you read everyone else's as well? Grandma loved the photo of you working but can't work out hw to comment on the blog so sends her love ( and Grandad would text you if he could) .James now does not have to flat hunt as he is getting accommodation for the first year ( after flat hunting!!!) .Beth and Marcus are hoping to buy a house in Elm tree soon ( with a spare room for you πŸ˜€).we are still missing you all xxx

  11. Miss you alex ❤️ You're doing fab, can't wait to get you home xxx lauren xxx

  12. I love how you all Keep yourselves and us amused with these blogs and mysterious murderous intentions.
    Speaking of murderous intentions all is same old same old in the WG house. i find I long for open space, nature and sunshine. Perhaps a bit of camping and culture much along the same lines as Your lot out there!
    Actually come to think of it building in blistering heat, the long drop, wooden giraffes and being groped by crowds of lookylooky men? Nah I think I Will stay here in the rain living a life rather ordinary and await your return holly. You can live the adventure for me❤
    We are all very proud of you and everyone else on this amazing project. You are
    Each truly remarkable. Keep calm and carry onπŸ‘πŸ½
    Much kisses and lots o love The WGs

  13. Ok not falling for that James i know you can get giraffes in Magaluf I still have my matching giraffe and straw donkey from the 80s. No photo evidence yet that you are in Tanzania we need a picture of you holding the sun newspaper or the tanzania times that's how it is done officially ! Still no explanation as to Joe's whereabouts, did he taste nice ?

  14. I think I speak for all people leaving comments here that we will all be severely disappointed now not to receive 5 foot giraffes upon your return, I'm sure you'd be willing holly to leave a few penguin classics behind in return for what I'm sure is a peice woodcrafting masterpiece. When its your turn to face the 'looky looky' men i'd appreciate you giving them the back off, yet I'm still slightly intimidated by you and would back down in a fight , glare I do oh so well. Im sure when its your turn to impress with Swahili you'll do so with grace, not as if the key word sheet has been hanging on the wall in the corner of your room for two years, glanced at once or twice. Lots of love Stella x

  15. My giraffe will have pride of place in the front room....can't wait! Hey Jack, use your bartering skills...we can still remember when you sold your pumpkin for 50p a week After Halloween! Oh...and we spotted you bricklaying in one of the photos. The building is looking great now...keep up the good work everyone. You're ALL brilliant!:) All our love mum, dad, Emma, nana & grandad and the family xx

  16. Ohhhh tell tim a 5 foot wooden giraffe sounds lovely. It would compliment my heron beautifully. Im not a great necklace and bracelet person so if hes thinking of a gift (which he wont be) the giraffe sounds great.
    The work on the school looks great well done to all of you.
    So lovely to see the pictures and the blog is the highlight of my day
    Jill Fidan

  17. Loving the blog, strange how it uploads each night at the same time as we usually hear "I'm just nipping in the kitchen for some supper" house is quiet without you.

    Isobel and Martha have upped their bickering game so don't worry the
    daily bicker fest at zoo feeding is still happening even with your absence lol.

    Betty is refusing to get up in the morning and keeps checking your room for you. The building work looks good, Grandma and Grandad are watching the blog each night I think grandad is putting together plans for you to build an extension on your return. Keep up the good work and enjoy your rest day tomorrow. Lots of love xxxx

  18. Sounds like your on the home straight now and you can see the fruits of all your hard labour. Oscar 5ft giraffe not wanted but a massi warrior red/blue blanket that they wear!! Now that would make dad's lion hunting skills come on a treat. Keep up the good work we all love ❤️ you lots xx

  19. Hey Josh Walker how are you doing? Did your kindle start working? Or are yiu having to talk to people? Lol dont bother with the Giraffe its cold enough a home! Lol we're missing you, trying to keep up with the blogs just returned from Beach Mission and Transform. Look like your transformation is going well, impressive building skills. Tiger Lily
    Is missing you especially. Love you lots stay safe. Mum p.s. cant wait to hear something from you on the blog! πŸ˜‰

  20. Hello Molly, think I spotted you in a photo. Good to see you working hard. I'm in London now and it's cooler here, much cooler than where you are. Keep smiling and look forward to hearing more about the project.

  21. Bother, I wish Sam had taken more money now as I would love a 5 ft giraffe! Great blog and photos. Glad you are working so hard that you are getting more time to see Tanzania. The building photo looks soooo hot. Keep going, nearly finished

  22. Hello Molly. Mum has forgotten which number team you are in. I'm no use as I never knew in the first place. I hope you managed to go in to town it all sounds very different to Stockton. Fewer onesies? We all missing you. Store all these experiences into your memory banks.

    To the rest of you it is truely impressive (still confused what a ring beam is) to think you guys made that. Can wait to see the ring beam and presumably the roof follows? I suspect a bit more than that.

    Carry on building.

    Patrick (Mollys Dad)

  23. I'm loving all the parents comments . We all seem to have messy teenagers who would raid the fridge late at night. We are all desperate for photos of our kids and all wondering how to cope for the next few weeks without them .Thanks parents for keeping my spirits up with the comments, it's nice to know we are all in this together xx


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